Migration process overview for Infrastructure Management

This topic contains the best practices to be adopted when migrating to TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.01.

Migration prerequisites

Complete the following actions before migrating:

  • Before you migrate, review the Assisted MIGration Offering (AMIGO) checklist and then open a support case to review your plans. For information about the AMIGO program, see  AMIGO program for TrueSight Infrastructure Management .
  • Review the  system requirements  and  scalability requirements .
  • Ensure that you have performed all the tasks listed in  Preparing to install Infrastructure Management
  • If you are installing the 11.0 or later Integration Services on the existing Integration Service hosts, ensure that there are enough resources available and ensure that the configuration is set up to avoid conflicting  ports .

Overall migration process

Migration involves installing TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers and Integration Service hosts. The old and new environments run in parallel for some period of time until all PATROL Agents are upgraded, and all integrations with the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server are configured, tested, and fully enabled. 


In a true migration, there are no differences between the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server and the Integration Service versions because you will be upgrading all the agents, and pointing them to the new environment. 

The migration process involves the following steps:

  1. Installing Remedy Single Sign-On and the TrueSight Presentation Server, and import the Infrastructure Management PATROL repositories. See  Installing .
  2. Installing new TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s) and Integration Service nodes on new hosts.
  3. Configuring the new Integration Service nodes and event management cells
  4. Configuring any necessary event processing in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s) . Do not enable event to ticket generation or any other external event propagation from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers at this time.
  5. Configuring monitoring policies  in theTrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.01 environment. This must involve developing and testing policies before applying them in the production environment.
  6. Configuring forwarding of events from the new TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to the earlier version of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.
  7. Creating component installation packages for PATROL Agents and KMs.
  8. Upgrade agents and KMs. The upgrade process must include pointing the agents to the new infrastructure by assigning them to the new Integration Service nodes as the agents are upgraded.


    As PATROL Agents are installed on new hosts, the installation package must contain the integration settings for the new Integration Service hosts.

  9. Maintain event propagation from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server 11.3.01 to the older Server until the following is complete:

    1. All agents have been upgraded.
    2. The integration(s) between the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server 11.3.01 and external components (for example, Incident Management, Atrium CMDB, xMatters, and so on) are complete and tested.

    This allows you to maintain the older event processing workflows until you are ready to enable all event management, event to ticket generation, other external event propagation, service modeling and other features with the new TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s).

  10. After all of the agents are upgraded and all of external integrations (Remedy IT Service Management, Atrium CMDB, service modeling, xMatters, and so on) are upgraded and tested, enable event management, automated ticket workflows, service modeling, and other features in Infrastructure Management 11.3.01. 
    At this point, you will “go live” in TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.01. Disable these integrations in the older system(s).

  11. Decommission the older TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s) and Integration Services.

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