Migrating the data format before upgrading the Presentation Server

This topic is applicable only if you are upgrading the Presentation Server from a version earlier than 11.0.00.

Before starting the upgrade, you must run the dataUpgrade utility located at Disk1\utility\DataUpgradeUtility. This utility migrates the TrueSight Presentation Server data format to the format required after the upgrade.

Running this utility does not require downtime and does not impact the state of the TrueSight Presentation Server.


The duration of the migration process depends on the amount of event data. In a test environment of 2.4 million events, the process took 45 minutes.

Before you begin

Complete all the preupgrade tasks listed in Preparing to upgrade the Presentation Server.

To obtain the utility and prepare the Presentation Server for the data format migration

  1. Download and extract the Presentation Server installation file.

  2. On the TrueSight Presentation Server host, locate the dataUpgrade utility at Disk1\utility\DataUpgradeUtility.

  3. Ensure that port 9335 is available.
    If port 9335 is already in use, provide a custom port number by updating the
    target.http.port=<custom port> property in the config.properties file, located in the DataUpgradeUtility/config directory.

  4. Because the utility migrates data over the HTTP protocol, temporarily enable the HTTP port on the existing Index Server.

To migrate the data format before upgrading the Presentation Server

  1.  Run the following utility. If you are operating in a high-availability environment, run the utility on the primary host only.

    RAM requirement

    Before your run this utility, at least 2 GB RAM must be available.

    • (Windows): dataUpgrade.bat

    • (Linux - as a non-root user): dataUpgrade.sh
      If you get a message prompting you to ensure minimum required values for the configuration properties, you need to first configure the required settings. For more information, see Preparing to upgrade the Presentation Server.

  2. If you did not enable the HTTP port on the existing Index Server, respond to the prompt.
    • To enable the utility to enable the HTTP port and continue running the utility, type y.
    • To exit the utility and run it at a later time, type n.

Data migration starts and the migration completion is displayed as a percentage. Do not start the Presentation Server upgrade until the data format migration is completed.


BMC recommends upgrading the Presentation Server immediately after migrating the data format.


You can find the dataupgrade.log file in the DataUpgradeUtility/logs/ folder. This log file contains details of errors that occurred during the execution of the dataUpgrade utility.

For more information about troubleshooting scenarios, see Troubleshooting data format migration for the Presentation Server.

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