Verifying the Presentation Server upgrade

After completing the TrueSight Presentation Server upgrade with the upgrade wizard or through silent upgrade, you can verify that the TrueSight Presentation Server was upgraded successfully and is operating. You can verify this by reviewing the log entries added during the upgrade, and examining the server processes and services.

To verify the TrueSight Presentation Server upgrade was successful

  1. Access the truesightpserver_install_log.txt file, which is located in the (Windows%temp% directory or (Linux/tmp directory.
  2. Check for warnings or errors. If there are no errors or warnings, the TrueSight Presentation Server was successfully upgraded.

To verify the upgraded TrueSight Presentation Server operation

Post upgrade, to verify that the TrueSight Presentation Server is operating, navigate to the (WindowsTrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\bin or (LinuxTrueSightPServer/truesightpserver/bin directory and run the following command:

(Windows) tssh server status

(Linux) ./tssh server status 

For more information on Presentation Sever Status, Start, and Stop commands, see Starting and stopping the TrueSight Operations Management components.

A list of TrueSight Presentation Server processes is displayed that is similar to the following sample:

Process status
Core Server     Running (13176)
Index Server    Running (11028)
Database Server Running (6052)

If errors occur, restart the TrueSight Presentation Server by running the following command:

(Windows) tssh server start

(Linux) ./tssh server start &


On Linux computers, add & at the end of the tssh server start command so that the process runs in the background and you can continue to use the shell.

If error conditions persist, contact BMC Customer Support for assistance.

Post-upgrade tasks

  • In the previous version of the TrueSight Presentation Server, if you used an IP address to access the TrueSight console, after the upgrade, map the IP address to the FQDN in the following file:
    Windows: System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    After mapping, update bookmarked IP addresses (in browsers) to refer to this FQDN.
  • If you are using an IP address to access or cross-launch the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers added as components to the TrueSight Presentation Server, edit the host name from IP address to FQDN on the TrueSight console Administration > Components section.
  • After upgrading a high-availability deployment of the TrueSight Presentation Server, reconfigure the load balancer:

    To detect the active and standby nodes, configure the load balancer to check the HTTP response codes for the following URLs:

    https://<primary host FQDN>:<port number>/LogoutUser.jsp

    https://<secondary host FQDN>:<port number>/LogoutUser.jsp

    HTTP response 200 - active node
    HTTP response 502 - standby node

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