Upgrading the App Visibility server

When you upgrade the App Visibility server components (portal, collector, and proxy), all the components must be the same version.

If more than one App Visibility server component is installed on a computer, the components are upgraded together. With the wizard upgrade utility, you can upgrade the components currently installed and install an additional component at the same time. With the silent upgrade script, you must first upgrade the current component or components, and then run the installation utility or script to add other components.

The App Visibility portal and collector upgrade processes include the option to enable high availability. This option is available only if the server components are on separate computers. After you upgrade and enable high availability, ensure that you update each App Visibility collector, proxy, and agent to connect to the portal's load balancing server.

The following topics describe how to upgrade and verify your installed version of App Visibility server components to the latest version:

Use the following flowchart to help determine the order to perform the upgrade tasks.

App Visibility upgrade process overview

App Visibiltiy upgrade process overview

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