Performing the Presentation Server upgrade silently

This topic provides the procedure to upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server to the current version. You can upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server using the silent upgrade procedure, as described in this topic, or you can upgrade using the upgrade wizard.

Before you begin

To upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server silently

  1. On a command line, navigate to the Disk1 folder in the installation file structure.
  2. Run the following commands to upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server in a standalone mode or for the primary server in the HA mode:

    • (Windows): setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<absolute_path>\server-silent-options-upgrade-windows.txt"

    • (Linux): ./setup.bin -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<absolute>/server-silent-options-upgrade-linux.txt"

      Note for Secondary node

      Use the following options to install the TrueSight Presentation Server silently on a secondary node:

      • (Windows): setup.exe -i silent

      • (Linux): ./setup.bin -i silent

  3. Review the TrueSight Presentation Server installation log files located in the following directories:

    • (Windows\Temp\truesightpserver_install_log.txt
    • (Linux) /tmp/truesightpserver_install_log.txt


If there were modifications in the Tomcat Server web.xml or server.xml file before the upgrade, you must manually add the modifications to the Tomcat server web.xml or server.xml file after the upgrade.

TrueSight Presentation Server configuration descriptions



TrueSight_sso_hostnameHost's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for the Remedy Single Sign-On server
TrueSight_sso_portNumber of the Remedy Single Sign-On port. Use the port number of the Remedy Single Sign-On server installed on the system. The default port number is 448.
TrueSight_sso_protocolHTTPS or HTTP. By default, the HTTPS option is set. The Remedy SSO is installed by default in HTTPS mode.
TrueSight_sso_passwordBMC Remedy Single Sign-On server encrypted super user password. The Single Sign-On super user name is Admin.
Remedy Single Sign-On server option for setting custom or self-signed (SSL) certificate. The default value (false) means that it is on SSL mode.
Path of the Remedy Single Sign-On SSL certificate.


-J TrueSight_sso_port=448
-J TrueSight_sso_protocol=https
-J TrueSight_sso_password=DES\:097133405e7ea7a6bcc58bbe70ece4c2
-J SSO_CERTIFICATE_HOME=\home\bmc\cert.crt

To upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server silently in a high-availability deployment

  1. Open a CLI command prompt on the TrueSight Presentation Serversecondary server.
  2. Navigate to the directory:
    • (Windows):TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\bin
    • (Linux):TrueSightPServer/truesightpserver/bin
  3. Run the following command to stop the secondary server:
    tssh server stop secondary
  4. On the existing TrueSight Presentation Server primary server, perform steps 1 to 3 to upgrade the primary Presentation Server silently.

  5. (Applies only if you configured high-availability post installation in an earlier release) Go to the secondary server and perform the following steps:

    1. Edit the TrueSightPServer\TrueSightPServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file.

    2. Locate and change the following property values. If these properties are not present, add them.


      In the preceding properties, ensure that the value is set as follows:

      • TrueSight_high_availability_enabled: Indicates whether high availability is enabled. Value must be set to 1.

      • TrueSight_high_availability_type: Indicates the type of server - primary or secondary. Value must be set to 2.

      • TrueSight_high_availability_configuration_file: Specify the complete location path of the ha-shared.conf file copied from the primary server.

  6. On the secondary server, perform steps 1 to 3 to upgrade the secondary Presentation Server silently.

Where to go from here

Configuring the Presentation Server for high availability

Verify the Presentation Server upgrade

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