Migrating from BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring v2.7 to Software Edition

You can migrate the  BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring v2.7 database and configuration information to the new Software Edition.

Migrating is especially useful because it allows you to reuse configured information from the earlier version, including the Real User Analyzer's summary data. This saves time in getting started with the Real Analyzer or Collector Software Edition components.

Migrate to 10.7 before migrating to 11.0

Migrating BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring v2.7 to Software Edition v11.0 is not supported. You must migrate to Software Edition v10.7 and then upgrade to v11.0.

You must open an Assisted MIGration Offering (AMIGO) support case before proceeding with the BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring migration from v2.7 to the software edition.

The AMIGO process includes the steps that will guide you from analysis through the implementation of your migration plan to the software edition.

To start the AMIGO process, see the BMC Communities Knowledge Article that explains how the AMIGO process will help you complete a successful migration.


Only proceed with the migration process after a BMC upgrade expert has reviewed and confirmed that the environment is ready for an upgrade. When you migrate this information to the Software Edition, any existing database and configuration information in the Software Edition machine is overwritten and cannot be recovered.


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