Installing multiple Integration Services on a single computer (Linux)

By installing multiple Integration Services on a single computer, you can partition your monitoring into different domains and maximize hardware usage. Multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers in different locations can connect to different Integration Services running on the same computer. Each integration service can collect a different set of data authorized for its respective BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

You can select to install a new instance of the integration service. Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing integration service by selecting from the list displayed. If you want to upgrade an existing Integration Service, see Upgrading the Integration Service.


When installing multiple integration services on a single computer, only the first integration service installed is installed with a cell. Subsequent integration service installations update the cell installed with the first integration service.

To install multiple Integration Services

  1. Run the script located in the TSIMAgent/OS directory.
    The script displays the list of Integration Services already installed on the system, if any. 
  2. Select to install a new integration service on the system.
  3. To continue installing another integration service on the system, specify the path of the directory where the integration service must be installed.
  4. Specify the control port number on which the integration service must listen.
    It is important that you specify an unused port number (between 0 and 65535) for the Integration Service port and Staging Adapter port.

    PortCommunication channelProperty in the pronet.conf file
    Integration ServiceIntegration Service ↔ Infrastructure Management serverpronet.apps.agent.port
    Staging AdapterIntegration Service ↔ PATROL

    After you specify the port number, the integration service installation continues.


    The computer requires time to update installation information. BMC recommends that you wait a minimum of five seconds between installations.

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