Considerations for deploying Presentation Server on a virtual machine

The Presentation Server can be installed and run on a virtual machine (VM).

When deploying the product on VMs, be aware that additional overhead exists because resources are shared across VMs. The same performance that is possible running applications on a physical computer is not possible on VMs. However, VMs offer more flexibility and ease of administration for some aspects, such as high availability and backups. 

Consider the following considerations for virtual machines:

  • You must reserve the Compute (CPU and memory) resources for the VM on which the Presentation Server is running to guarantee optimal performance. You must also ensure that you do not use the shared option.

  • For ESX storage, ensure that you use dedicated disk storage for all VMs; avoid sharing disk storage. See System requirements for Presentation Server for storage requirements.

  • Configure Jumbo frames for the storage adapter.

  • Reserve the resources that are allocated for the virtual machine on which the BMC applications are installed.

  • Periodically monitor the CPU usage of the host.

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