Considerations and best practices for deploying the Oracle database

If you choose to use an Oracle database you must provide an Oracle instance. To enable scalability and load distribution, BMC recommends that you install the Oracle instance on a host separate from the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. The following topics describe options and recommendations for deploying an Oracle database instance for Infrastructure Management:

Support for multiple Infrastructure Management servers in a single Oracle instance

In Infrastructure Management, multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers can be supported on a single Oracle instance. This is accomplished by creating/allocating separate Oracle schemas in the single Oracle instance, one for each server. Database resources and sizing of the Oracle instance SGA must be increased to support this scenario. The following diagram illustrates how multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers can share a single Oracle instance. 

Shared Oracle instance with multiple BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers


This scenario is not possible with the SAP SQL Anywhere database.

Sharing an Oracle instance with BMC TrueSight Reporting

Similarly, multiple BMC TrueSight Reporting instances can share the same Oracle instance, as shown in the following diagram.


An Oracle instance must never contain schemas for the Infrastructure Management Server while also containing schemas for BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting. The Infrastructure Management Server instances and reporting instances must be separated for performance reasons. Additionally, Oracle database instances for BMC components must be dedicated for BMC products and must not contain any third party application data or code. 

Shared Oracle instance with BMC TrueSight Reporting

In previous releases of Infrastructure Management, each instance of both the server and BMC TrueSight Reporting components required a dedicated Oracle instance. (This assumes Oracle was the chosen database and not SAP SQL Anywhere.)

Oracle HA recommendations

 BMC recommends leveraging Oracle RAC for database high availability.

Disk subsystems and database performance best practices

The performance of the disk subsystem used for the database can significantly affect the scalability of your system. To optimize performance, BMC recommends the following guidelines:

Additional best practices for deploying the Oracle database

The following are additional best practices when deploying Oracle as the database platform for the Infrastructure Management Server:

  • Physically co-locate the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and the database server on the same subnet.
  • Use Oracle Data Guard for disaster recovery.
  • Use Oracle Storage Area Network (SAN).

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