Viewing events from a remote cell

Use the Events page in the TrueSight console to view and manage events from a remote cell.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the required permissions to access events from remote cells. For more information, see Permissions reference Open link

To view events from a remote cell

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Monitoring > Events.

  2. Click the Select event source icon .
    The Select Event Source dialog box lists the remote cells under the corresponding TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers.


    If you are already viewing events from a remote cell,  is displayed as the Select event source icon.

  3. Select a remote cell and click OK.
    The Events page refreshes and displays events from the remote cell, indicated by .

  4. (Optional) To change the event source to another remote cell, click and select another remote cell.

  5. (Optional) To return to the default view, which displays events from the Infrastructure Management Servers, click the x button.

Performing a search on remote cell events

Supported with version 11.3.05 and later.

To be able to view and use this feature, you need to apply the service pack version 11.3.05 for Presentation Server.

Use the Search events button  to perform a quick search across remote cell events with a keyword or value. The search result displays all events that are associated with the searched keyword or value.

The search displays information only from the slots visible on the event table.

To perform a search on the remote cell events

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Monitoring > Events.

  2. Click the Select event source icon 
    The Select Event Source dialog box lists the remote cells under the corresponding TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers.

  3. Click the Search event button  to do a desired search of events.

    The search result displays all the events associated with the searched keyword or value.


  • The search only shows information from the slots visible on the event table.
  • Slots such as, mc_priority, severity, date_reception, mc_arrival_time,and mc_date_modification are excluded.
  • The key words when searching for LIST_OF_STRING slot are case sensitive.
  • The class definitions in the cell Knowledge Base (KB) of slots loaded in the event table must be identical across the Infrastructure Management server and remote cells.
  • Like custom filters, the searching works on slots and data types known to Infrastructure Management cell KB.
  • You cannot perform a search on the remote cell events after applying custom filter.
  • Searching on custom class slots is not available.
  • You can apply time filter on top of this search.

If you experience slowness while searching, check for:

  • High load in remote cell. Check with few cell commands like mcstat, mgetinfo to see the responses.
  • Number of slots in the event table. If possible, try to reduce the number of slots in the event table.

Performing search on specific set of slots in the event table 

You can enable search to perform the search operation on a specific set of slots.

To enable global search on a specific set of slots:

  1. Run the following command :

    tssh properties set <slot name 1>,<slot name 2>
  2. To reflect the change use the following command:  

    tssh properties reload

To enable search only on event Message and event Host slot.

  1. Run the command tssh properties set mc_host,msg
  2. To reflect the change, use the command tssh properties reload.

Now the search operation happens only on mc_host and msg slots of the event.

This property (enabling search to perform search operation on specific set of slots) is applicable only for remote cell events list. This is not applicable to search of main event list

Where to go from here

On the events, you can perform any of the following procedures:

Performing event operations in the TrueSight console

Performing remote actions on events from the TrueSight console

Monitoring and managing events

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