Executing agent actions on a monitor

When you execute an agent action, it is issued from your local console, but executed on the computer where the PATROL Agent is installed. For information about specific agent actions or KM menu commands that are available, see the documentation of the respective KM.


  • Agent actions are also called menu commands in PATROL and vary from KM to KM.
  • You can execute agent actions on monitors that are configured using PATROL Agent version 9.6 or later.
  • The agent actions functionality is available on the TrueSight console only for version 11.3.04 of both the TrueSight Presentation Server and the TrueSight Infrastructure Management.

The agent actions option is available only when the following conditions are met:

  • The application class to which the monitor belongs has the menu commands defined in the KMs for PATROL Agent.
  • You have the Allow execution of Agent Actions permission assigned to have the Agent Actions option.

    By default, the following roles have the Allow execution of Agent Actions permission:

    • Super Admin
    • Event Administrator
    • Data Collection Administrator
    • Service Administrator

    For other roles, the permission must be assigned by an administrator to access the agent actions.

To execute an agent action

  1. In the TrueSight console, go to Monitoring > Devices to open the Devices page.
  2. Click the required device from the list of devices displayed. 
  3. From the Monitor Name column in the Monitors tab, click the three dotsThree dots action menu icon for the required monitor as shown in the following illustration. 
    The Agent Actions option is available only in the Table View.

    Device details page

  4. Click Agent Actions and select an agent action. 


    The agent actions list may vary as per the monitor type.

  5. If any input is required for the agent action, a dialog box is displayed. You must provide the values that are required for the action to be executed.


    For an input-based agent action, in case if the values in the dialog box are not displayed properly, import the same KM version present on the PATROL Agent in the TrueSight Presentation Server repository.

    The output for the agent action is displayed after the action is executed.


    The default timeout for the execution of an agent action is 120 seconds. If the execution of an agent action times out, you might want to increase the timeout value. From the TrueSight Presentation Server command line interface, run the following command from the installationDirectory\truesightpserver\bin folder:

    tssh properties set agentaction.execution.timeout.seconds 300 reload

    In this example, the timeout is set to 300 seconds.

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