Custom filters versus event groups

Custom filters and event groups provide you with advanced filtering options. The key differences between these two features are explained in the following table.

Custom filtersEvent groups

Custom filters are created based on applications, devices, groups, and event classes, and slots.

Event groups are created based on event classes and slots.
Custom filters do not support role-based access control (RBAC). You can create custom filters and save them for your reference. However, you cannot share them with other users.

Event groups support RBAC and they can be shared with other users.

Custom filters do not have a hierarchical model.

Event groups can be created in a hierarchical manner. The child event group inherits the filtering criteria that is specified for the parent event group.

Custom filters do not have visualization features, such as tile view, table view, or a count of the number of open events, and so on.

Event groups have a separate visualization page with options to show the event groups in tile view, table view, count of open and total events, and so on. You can specify the Event groups visualization page as your landing page on the TrueSight console.
You cannot create event groups in the saved custom filters.You can apply custom filters on events from event groups and further condense the event list.

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