Downloading and installing saved packages manually

As an administrator, you can select monitoring installation components, such as the PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions, to create a deployable package. The monitoring installation components can then be installed together using the deployable package. You can reuse the deployable packages, or deploy the packages to multiple computers.

 After creating a deployable package, perform one of the following steps:

  • To save the package for future installation on the current host or other hosts, click Save. You can deploy the saved packages to the PATROL Agent or upgrade the PATROL Agent using the TrueSight console.
  • To save the package and download it immediately, click Save and Download. You can download an installation package on one or more hosts and install the components manually using the instructions provided in this topic.

 The installation runs silently with the information entered during package creation.

To download and install saved packages

  1. Use the Save and Download option while creating a deployable package
  2. Copy the deployable package to the PATROL Agent host on which the package needs to be installed.
  3. Extract the installation package as appropriate for your operating system.
    The package is extracted to the bmc_products directory on the current host.
  4. From the bmc_products directory, run the installation utility for your operating system:
    • (UNIX or Linux)
    • (Microsoft Windows) RunSilentInstall.exe
  5. Review the RunSilentInstall.log file located at the %PATROL_HOME%/log directory.
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