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Configuring the PATROL Agent network communication to be TLS compliant

To configure the PATROL Agent to enable TLS 1.2

Perform the following steps to make the PATROL Agent to Integration Service communication TLS 1.2 compliant:

  1. Navigate to the config_v3.0 folder by running the following command:

    # Microsoft Windows operating system
    $cd <PATROL Agent installation directory>\common\security\config_v3.0
    # Unix operating system
    $cd <PATROL Agent installation directory>/common/security/config_v3.0
  2. Run the script to enable TLS mode as shown in the following code block:

    set_unset_tls.cmd <$BMC_ROOT> <SET_TLS;UNSET_TLS> <security_level> -serverDbPath <serverDbPath> -clientDbPath <clientDbPath> -identity <identity>
    $set_unset_tls.cmd "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software" SET_TLS 3 -serverDbPath "C:\Certificates\server_db" -clientDbPath "C:\Certificates\client_db" -identity bmcpatrol


    • Use set_unset_tls.cmd script on the Microsoft Windows operating system, and script on the Unix operating system.
    • When you run the script on AIX and HP-UX operating systems to enable TLS 1.2, the system creates symbolic links for Mozilla NSS v3.20 libraries in the default system library directory /usr/lib.

    • -h will display the help for the set_unset_tls command.
    • There are six command line arguments for the set_unset_tls script as explained in the following section:
      • BMC_ROOT: The directory where the PATROL Agent is installed.
      • SET_TLS / UNSET_TLS: The second command line argument can either be SET_TLS, or UNSET_TLS. If you select SET_TLS, the PATROL Agent is configured in TLS mode. If you select UNSET_TLS, the PATROL Agent is configured in Non-TLS mode.
      • security_level: PATROL Agent communicates with the Integration Service at a security_level 2 or higher. If your PATROL Agent is running at a security_level 0 or 1, then set the security_level as 2 in the preceding command. Ensure that you set the PATROL Agent's security_level same as your Integrations Service's security_level.
      • serverDbPath: The directory where the server certificates are present. This argument is mandatory if the security_level is set to 3.
      • clientDbPath: The directory where the client certificates are present. This argument is mandatory if the security_level is set to 3.
      • identity: The certificate identity. If you do not specify any value to this argument, the default value is set to bmcpatrol.

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