Patch 3 for BMC PATROL Agent 11.0.00

This section contains information about fixes in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch. For information about corrected issues in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the patch and installation utility

You obtain the product installation files by downloading them from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website. Your ability to access product pages on the EPD website is determined by the license entitlements purchased by your company. To understand which files you are entitled to download, access the license entitlements for your product.

To download the patch and installation utility from the EPD website

The following table provides links to the page in the EPD website that contains the installation files for this patch. From the EPD page you can select and download the patch files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

ComponentEPD LinkInstallation file names
PATROL Installation Utility 11.0.00

Download link Open link

  • Windows  - ins_WINDOWS_11000.zip
  • Linux/Unix - ins_ALL_11000.tar
PATROL Agent 11.0.00 Patch 3

Download link Open link

  • Windows - PIA_WINDOWS_1100003.zip
  • Linux/Unix - PIA_AIX-HP-LINUX-SOLARIS_1100003.tar

Installing the patch


Before you install the patch, you must have previously installed PATROL Agent 11.0.00. The patch does not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product release.
To install this patch on UNIX, you must provide the installer access to the root account.

Before you begin

You must install the patch on the hosts that are running the PATROL Agent.

Before you install the patch, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop the PATROL Agent.
  2. Back up the PATROL_CACHE directory.
  3. Stop the PATROL applications or PATROL processes that are running.
  4. Back up the PATROL_HOME/lib/knowledge and PATROL_HOME/lib/psl directories.
  5. Based on the operating system, extract the installation utility and patch file. The contents of the files are extracted into the bmc_products sub-directory. 


    Perform steps 2, 3, and 4 only if BMC PATROL Console and PATROL Agent are installed on the same computer.

To install the PATROL Agent patch

  1. From the bmc_products directory, run the installation utility as appropriate for your operating system:

    • For Windows, double-click setup.exe.

    • For UNIX, run setup.sh.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions until the Select Products and Components to Install page is displayed.

  3. On the Select Products and Components to Install page,

    • For Windows, select PATROL Agent Patch for Windows.
    • For UNIX, select PATROL Agent Patch for Unix and Linux.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

    After you complete the installation steps, you can delete the temporary directory and its contents.

Recommendation for the users of TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 and later versions

  • If you are using TrueSight Operations Management, import the PATROL Agent patch as a single solution.
  • If you want to install just the PATROL Agent patch, create a deployment package only with PATROL Agent patch and deploy it on PATROL Agent hosts.
  • If you have previously created a Monitoring package located within the Deployable packages of Infrastructure Monitoring Administration, add PATROL Agent patch to existing Monitoring package and update.
  • If you are newly creating the package, ensure you add PATROL Agent patch to the Monitoring Installation package.
    For more information, see Managing the repository and packages Open link
  • If you want to apply the patch using the TrueSight console, ensure that you provide the root credentials for PATROL Agents running on Unix/Linux platforms while creating or updating monitoring packages to include the patch. If the patch installation fails, revert to the previous version of the installation using the root credentials.

Where to go from here

Carefully review the System requirements for your platform and other tasks necessary for setting up the installation environment. To view the configuration instructions, see Configuring after installation.

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