Integration with BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager

With the Integration of PATROL Agent with BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager, the PATROL Agent generated events can be propagated to BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager directly. The PATROL Agent will run as client for BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager and thus will open a persistent TCP connection with BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager. The PATROL Agent can be connected to High-Availability set up of BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager, by specifying the Primary and Secondary Cells.


BMC recommends that you send PATROL Agent events to a remote cell for processing, and then propogate only select events to the BMC ProactiveNet Server cell.

This integration can be configured using the PATROL Agent pconfig interface for event Filtering and Enrichment. The Enrichment and Filtering rules together form a Event Format. You can thus define Custom Formats.

In case of PATROL Agent looses a connection the connection with PATROL Agent will keep buffering Event in its cache, and will push those Events to BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager once the connection comes up again.


Integration with BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager is available only on PATROL Agents where the BMC ProactiveNet Event Manager client library is available.

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