This information is for upgrading from earlier PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring versions to the latest version.

Before you begin

It is recommended to back up PATROL_HOME and PATROL_CACHE directories. This is recommended in case you need to revert to an earlier PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring version.


Throughout this section, all references to PATROL_HOME represent $PATROL_HOME in UNIX and %PATROL_HOME% in Windows; all references to PATROL_CACHE represent $HOME/patrol in UNIX and %PATROL_CACHE% in Windows.

  1. Ensure that no one is accessing the KM related PATROL files or directories.
  2. Perform a full backup of the following two directories where PATROL executables and data are typically stored:
    • PATROL_HOME for agent and console installation directories
    • PATROL_CACHE for the console working cache

To upgrade the PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring in a TrueSight environment

Follow the process outlined in Installing using a TrueSight console.

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