Monitor types and attributes

An application class is a logical grouping of individual applications, while an application group is a logical grouping of application instances. You use application classes to define the attributes of all instances within an application class (global settings), or the attributes of a single application instance that has been customized (local settings).

Did you know?

Monitor types in the TrueSight console and Central Monitoring Administration are known as application classes in the PATROL Consoles.

Attributes in the TrueSight Console are known as parameters in the PATROL consoles.

You can access Central Monitoring Administration from the TrueSight console or ProactiveNet. 

The PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM has monitor types that are segregated based on their components. 

The following table lists the monitor types and their parameters or attributes in the PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM. 

Monitor TypeAttribute or Parameter
Health SnapshotNumber of app visibility manager agents (APMAgentCount)
Number of dashboards (DashboardCount)
Number of devices (DeviceCount)
Number of event groups (EventGroupCount)
Number of events (EventCount)
Number of groups (GroupCount)
Number of infrastructure policies (PolicyCount)
Number of instances (InstanceCount)
High Availability

Configuration status of TSPS high availability (ConfigurationStatus)
Failover of TSPS high availability (FailoverStatus)
High availability status (HAStatus)
Infrastructure ManagementConnection status of TrueSight Infrastructure Management (ConnectionStatus)
Integration ServiceConnection status of Integration Service (ConnectionStatus)
PATROL AgentsNumber of connected PATROL agents (ConnectedCount)
Number of disconnected PATROL agents (DisconnectedCount)
Total number of PATROL agents (TotalPACount)
Presentation ServerConnection status of TrueSight Presentation Server (ConnectionStatus)
Response time when invoke TSPS (ResponseTime)
Presentation Server NodeHigh Availability Node State (NodeState)
Remote CellCell Status (CellStatus)
Total number of events in the remote cell (EventCount)
Server CellAverage number of connected adapter sources (ConnectedSourcesRate)
Average number of events containing errors (ErrorEventRate)
Number of events deleted by client (DeletedEvents)
Average number of events entered in the database (StoredEventRate)
Average number of propagated events (PropagatedEventRate)
Average number of received event messages (ReceivedEventRate)
Percentage of dropped events (DroppedEventPercent)
Average number of events removed by DB cleanup (RemovedEventRate)
Total number of data in cell (DataCount)
Total number of events in the server cell (EventCount)
TrueSight EnvironmentAuto discovery (AutoDiscovery)
Channel listener (ChannelListener)
Discoverey time (DiscoveryTime)
Discovery information (DiscoveredInformation)
Monitoring status (MonitoringStatus)
Number of KB sent for collector (MonitoredDataSize)
Read time from collector channel (MonitoredDataTime)
Set data to patrol (SetDataToPatrol)
TrueSight HealthConfiguration manager (ConfigurationManager)
Configuration status (ConfigurationStatus)
TrueSight Health AnalysisEvent rate (EventRate)
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