Measuring a TrueSight Presentation Server's slow response time

A TrueSight Presentation Server includes the web-based TrueSight console functions and consumes data from various TrueSight components. The TrueSight console uses the data collected by the server to render consolidated views for monitoring the infrastructure, real and synthetic applications, and capacity planning.

It is important that the TrueSight Presentation Server has a quick response time, so the connected TrueSight components function properly.

To measure the response time between the TrueSight Presentation Server and the registered TrueSight components, you can use the Response time when invoke TSPS (ResponseTime) attribute.

Relevant attribute

Response time when invoke TSPS (ResponseTime)

This attribute reports the response time between the TrueSight Presentation Server and the registered TrueSight components.

This attribute uses the following metric values:

Response time rangeDescription
(0-10 sec)
The TrueSight Presentation Server is responsive in processing requests.
(Above 10 sec)
The TrueSight Presentation Server’s response time is slow.

The following issues could cause the attribute's metric to be in a RED\CRITICAL or ALARM state:

  • Network latency
  • Host or operating system resources outage
  • Heavy network traffic
  • An Application or component error
  • Child processes consuming or utilizing large amounts of memory or CPU capacity

Suggested actions for slow response time

If the attribute's metric indicates a slow response time:

  • Verify the network latency by trying to connect to the TSPS host in a new browser window.
  • Check the network performance by using one of the following methods:
    • Ping the host to check the time-to-live value between the TSPS host and the network.
    • Use a native utility to measure the latency from the TSPS host to the network
      For example, your system administrator can use the following cURL or Wget utility:
      curl -s -w %{time_total}\\n -o /dev/null https://<TrueSight Presentation Server FQDN>/#/

      time wget -pq --no-cache --delete-after https://<TrueSight Presentation Server FQDN>
  • Determine if there is enough disk space available on the system where the Presentation Server is installed.
  • Confirm that there is enough CPU capacity and memory available for the Presentation Server to operate efficiently.
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