Executing an agent action in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console

The BMC PATROL for TrueSight Self-Monitoring KM includes an agent action landscape report that displays an instant snapshot of the system and its details. The components listed in the landscape report include:

  • TrueSight Presentation Server
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management
  • Integration Service
  • Remote Cell
  • Server Cell

You can use this agent action by accessing the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console from the TrueSight console.

When you use an agent action, it is issued from your local console, but executed on the computer where the PATROL Agent is installed. For more information about agent actions, see Executing agent actions on a monitor in the operator console. Open link

The information about using this agent action includes the following:

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Navigating the operator console Open link

Before you begin

You can only use an agent action when the following conditions are met:

  • You have the appropriate permissions Open link required to execute agent actions.
  • The TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server must be a registered component with TrueSight. Open link

To select an agent action 

  1. Launch the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console from the TrueSight console by selecting Monitoring > Devices.
  2. Select your Presentation Server device and in the Device Details page and click on the action menu next to the device name.
    If you did not select the Create Device option when you were configuring a TrueSight Self-Monitoring policy, select the PATROL Agent device.
  3. Select Launch Infrastructure Management Operator console from the menu.
  4. Click Devices in the  console's Navigation tree Open link and click Grid View.
    Devices grid view

  5. Select a monitor and click the blue wrench icon in the Tools Menu.
  6. Click Agent Actions > Landscape report.
    Sample landscape report


If you do not see the agent action option in the menu, you must restart the jserver service. See pw system information Open link for information about restarting the jserver.

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