VPC reports

VPC reports provide both overview and detailed information about which vendor-recommended patches are installed or missing on servers. Within any report, you can drill through to view the details for specific patches and servers. VPC patch reports help you understand how well servers in the data center conform to vendor recommendations and they can be used to track patch policy compliance over time.

The following table summarizes the built-in VPC patch reports. For information about running these reports, see Running out-of-the-box reports.

VPC reports are available when you install or upgrade to TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation 19.2.02. For more information, see  Technical bulletin - Announcing Patch 19.2.02 .

VPC reports




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Details By Patch

Provides detailed information about a particular patch.

Server Name

  • Patch Analysis Policy
  • Job Run
  • Patch Name
VPC Model

Details By Server

Provides detailed patch information for missing patches, installed patches, and compliance percentage on the specified server.

  • Patch Display Name
  • Latest
  • Installed
  • Type
  • Published Date
  • Synopsis
  • Patch Analysis Policy
  • Job Run
  • Server Name

Summary By Patch

Provides the patch summary information, such as analysis date, analyzed servers, total number of missing patches.

  • Patch Name: Drill through to Detail by Patch
  • Synopsis
  • Patch Type
  • Published Date
  • Required On
  • Installed On
  • Missing On
  • % Complaint
  • Patch Analysis Policy
  • Job Run

Summary By Server

Provides patch information according to servers that include missing patches, installed patches, and compliance percentage.

  • Server Name: Drill through to Detail by Server
  • Installed_On
  • Missing_On
  • % Compliance
  • Patch Analysis Policy
  • Job Run

Trend By Policy

Provides the policy compliance percentage over a specified date range.

  • X- axis - Analysis Date
  • Y-axis - % compliance
  • Patch Analysis Policy
  • Date Range

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