Downloading the installation files

You obtain the installation files for TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. Your ability to access product pages on the EPD website is determined by the license entitlements purchased by your company.

This topic contains the download links for TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform. To obtain download links for your component, see the component documentation:

  • TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation
  • TrueSight Network Automation Reporting
  • TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Download link for installation files

Click a product link in the following table to access the EPD website and page that contains the installation files. From the EPD page you can select and download the installation files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials, and you must be licensed for the product to access the download page. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

BMC Software recommends that you install the products or components from a local copy of the installation image and not from a network drive. Installing from a network drive can cause delays in completing the installation.

EPD link to product or componentDescription of content
TrueSight Smart Reporting

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform version 20.02 for all platforms

List of installation files

The following tables list the installation and third party supplementary materials files to download for TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

TrueSight Smart Reporting

EPD (e-Item) name


Product file name

Product files

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02 for Windows

Microsoft Windows

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02 and PostgreSQL installation files for Windows installations

TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02 for Linux



TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 20.02 and PostgreSQL installation files for Linux installations

Where to go from here

Install TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform.

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