Quick tour of the TrueSight console

The TrueSight console is hosted on the TrueSight Presentation Server.

System administrators use the TrueSight console to configure the TrueSight Presentation Server, and to integrate with other products and components. System administrators can also use the TrueSight console to view the users and user groups defined in the Remedy SSO Admin Console.

IT Operations and other specialists use the TrueSight console to monitor applications, events, and devices, or to diagnose problems. Before configuring and integrating other products, by default, the TrueSight console looks as shown in the figure.

The following table summarizes the main features of the TrueSight console. 

 Console featureUse

Executives and IT Operations use dashboards to monitor the environment from a specialized view, such as a set of applications or performance graphs related to critical offering or customer.

MonitoringIT Operations uses the monitoring views to monitor the infrastructure and application health. By default, only the self-monitoring events appear under Monitoring > Events page.
ConfigurationSolution Administrators configure the applications, groups, thresholds, policies, and intelligent events and metric filters.


Solution Administrators configure the data providers and integrations to the TrueSight Presentation Server. The Administration functions also include role-based access control to data and features.

License UsageSolution Administrators can view and export License usage and Data consumption reports.

For more information about the functions available in the TrueSight console, see UsingAdministering, and Managing License Usage Reports.

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