Unable to upgrade Presentation Server after changing Remedy Single Sign-On Password


After installing the TrueSight Presentation Server version 11.0, if you change the Remedy Single Sign-On password, you cannot upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server to later versions.

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The Remedy Single Sign-On password that you used while installing the TrueSight Presentation Server version 11.0 is saved in the <TSPS_Home>\TrueSightPServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file. After you change the password, you must update the <TSPS_Home>\TrueSightPServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file manually before upgrading the TrueSight Presentation Server.

Perform the following steps to manually update the file:

  1. Once you change the Remedy Single Sign-On password after installation, get the encrypted value of the password by running the Presentation Server Maintenance Tool.
  2. In the <TSPS_Home>\TrueSightPServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file, update the following attribute with the encrypted value of the password:
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  1. Akshay Nargund

    Should we add attribute name for which value should be changed ?

    In this case its TrueSight_sso_password


    Jan 22, 2018 06:06