TrueSight Infrastructure Management component toggles between connected and disconnected state

Issue: In version 11.3.03, on the Administration > Components page, the TrueSight Infrastructure Management component status toggles between the Connected and Disconnected state. Additionally, you see the following message in the TsimAudit.log located at <PresentationServerInstallationDirectory>\truesightpserver\logs.

BMC_TS-PL000067E Heartbeat error, Component is unreachable or inactive [Read timed out] 

This issue occurs when TrueSight Infrastructure Management is installed in the application high-availability mode. 

Resolution: Change the timeout duration to 100 seconds.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the following location:
    • Windows: <PresentationServerInstallationDirectory>\truesightpserver\conf
    • Linux: <PresentationServerInstallationDirectory>/truesightpserver/conf
  2. In the file, add or update the following property with the value set to 100 seconds and save the file.
  3. Restart the TrueSight Presentation Server service.
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