Troubleshooting Java memory management

This topic describes some of the issues and troubleshooting related to TrueSight Presentation Server Java memory management. The goal is to help you avoid potential performance impacts.

Java memory management - Useful links from BMC Communities

If you experience performance and/or memory issues, run the TrueSight Health Check Tool. See  TrueSight Health Check Tool. Open link

Issue symptoms

TrueSight Presentation Server is slow to respond. You are not able to click around, it is taking a long time to load each page. This happens periodically over time.

  • When the Process memory usage was checked for the CSR process, it is normal
  • The OS also has free memory available
  • Does not appear to be a heap space issue

A review of the Presentation Server - tssh dump export output shows the following error in the TrueSight.log.

[ERROR][o.e.b.ElasticsearchUncaughtExceptionHandler] [] fatal error in thread [elasticsearch[Niv1l2z][refresh][T#2]], exiting
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread

This happens because of constraint on processes. Following setting helps to increase the limit.
Get the CSR and index server process ID

tssh  server status  

ps –p processID –lfT |wc –l

The command above should show the threads usage. For CSR it is around 2000 and for indexserver it is around 200.  

ulimit –a

Look for max user processes (Default 2048)   Make it unlimited or higher value of 4096. 
ulimit –u unlimited   

  1. Check the init files if this value is being changed.
  2. Reboot the server
  3. Test ulimit –a

Diagnosing and reporting an issue

After you identify the symptoms and scope of the issue, use the troubleshooting guide to help diagnose and resolve the issue or to contact Customer Support. 





  • Poor Presentation Server performance or responsiveness
  • Failover from primary to secondary is not working properly


1) Run a Health Check on the server(s)

2) Collect the output of the tssh dump export command for TSPS

3) Collect the output of pw dump 1

4) Collect a Performance Diagnostic Report - On the Operations console:
- Options > Administration > Performance Diagnostics (view)
-- Send the Monitored Data information
- On the same screen, click on

5) Performance Graphs ' last week ' - > View -- Send the graph information


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