In the event that problems occur when using or administering the TrueSight Presentation Server or TrueSight console, the following topics can help you investigate and resolve issues.

Presentation Server and TrueSight console troubleshooting

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  1. Garland Smith

    tssh server status shows status of three processes/services.  When everything is well, they all show to be "Running".  However, some can show "Running" while others are "Not running".

    Process status:

    Core Server         Running
    Index Server        Running
    Database Server Running

    The purpose of each of these processes needs to be documented.  What functionality do they provide?  What stops working if they are not up?  etc...
    What happens if "Core Server" is Not running? 
    What happens if Index Server is Not Running?
    What happens if Database Server is Not Running?
    For each of these processes, how to troubleshoot why it's not running?  What logs to look at?  What log entries to look for?  etc...

    Thank you,
    Garland Smith

    Nov 13, 2018 12:03