Setting user preferences

To set user preferences

  1. In the page header, click the action menu , and select User Preferences.
  2. On the User Preferences page, click the action menu, and select Edit.
  3. To set one of the following preferences, select an option from the corresponding menu:
    • Time Zone
    • Date/Time Format
    • Language
    • Show last login time (Disabled by default)
    • Show absolute path for the Monitor Instances (Enabled by default)


      By default, the Show last login time is disabled and Show absolute path for the Monitor Instances is enabled. However, as an administrator, if you wish to change these default settings, run the following commands. Set the property value to true if you want to enable and to false if you want to disable these settings:

      tssh properties set showLastLoginTime <true|false>

      tssh properties set showMonitorFullPath <true|false> 

      tssh properties reload

      For more details, see Presentation Server tssh commands.

    • IT Data Analytics Launch Context
      The following options are available. You must have admin privileges to select an option.

      • Launch Analyze Data – Displays analyzed events. Enabled by default
      • Launch Search – Displays logs and events

List of user preferences

You can change the following preferences:

Time Zone

Sets the time zone in the user interface and in reports.

Time is adjusted automatically if the selected time zone supports daylight saving time. The Presentation server's default time zone is set as the console's default time zone.

Date/Time Format

Sets the presentation of the date and time in the user interface


Sets the language of the user interface to match the selected language.

When you log on to the TrueSight console for the first time, your browser's locale settings become the default console settings, unless you change them.

This setting has no effect on the language of the online Help.

The Presentation Server supports the English, Chinese, and German languages out-of-the-box. To create and apply a custom language pack, see Creating and applying a custom language pack.

Landing Page

Shows the linked page name of the landing page for your user account. The landing page is the page that is displayed when you log on to the TrueSight console. Unless you specify otherwise, the Dashboards page is your landing page. 

To specify a different landing page, select Set as Landing Page from the page action menu of any page in the TrueSight console.

If you specify a dashboard, the internal URL of the dashboard is displayed, not the dashboard name.

Show last login time

Enables or disables the display of the Last login time notification message. By default this is disabled.

Note: However, you cannot modify the last login time preference if your administrator has set this preference.

Show the absolute path for monitor instancesDisplays the complete path for the monitor instances when you create or edit a Device Performance dashlet, Monitor Performance dashlet, Performance Overview graph, and Add Monitor Instances under Configure > Groups page. By default, this option is enabled.
Launch Analyze Data

Displays event analytics data that is analysed by launching the Coalesce page of IT Data Analytics Open link if IT Data Analytics is registered with the Presentation Server.

Launch Search

Displays logs and events in the Search results page of IT Data Analytics Open link if IT Data Analytics is registered with the Presentation Server.

Where to go from here

  • To begin using the system to monitor applications and infrastructure, see the Using section. 
  • To configure product components, see the Administering section.

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