Retrieving the list of tenants

The tenant API uses the GET method to obtain the list of tenants from the TrueSight Presentation Server. The permissions granted for the administrator who makes the request determines which tenants appear in the JSON response. For example, an administrator for the Acme account could not see the tenants in the Calbro account.

TSWS APIs that use the POST method
API EndpointsDescription
tokenObtains the authToken required to perform all other operations
configdataRetrieves configuration data of monitor instances
perfdataRetrieves performance data of monitor instances

TSWS APIs that use the GET method
API EndpointsDescription
devicesRetrieves a list of monitored devices
instances Retrieves a list of monitored instances 
monitortypesRetrieves a list of monitor types 
tenantsRetrieves a list of tenants 

Before you begin

You must have used the login API to obtain the authToken, which authenticates the user performing the operation. For details, see TSWS authentication.

Request syntax

GET https://<PresentationServerHostName>/tsws/10.0/api/omprovider/tenants

Request parameters

authTokenValue of the authToken generated through the login API

Sample request with REST client

  1. Enter the URL for the tenant list API. The generic format is:
  2. Add a new header.
  3. Select Authorization as the header type.
  4. Enter the text authToken followed by the authToken generated through the login API. See TSWS authentication.
  5. Click Send.

JSON response content

The tenant API request returns the following tenant information in the JSON response:

tenantListList of tenants that the authorized user can access
tenantIdTenant name

Sample JSON response 

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