Restoring default roles

During the installation of the TrueSight Presentation Server, the installation program installs a set of default roles and permissions in the Presentation Server PostgreSQL database. The default roles are components of the default authorization profiles and deleting them before updating the authorization profiles breaks your role-based authentication. If you inadvertently delete the default roles, use the following procedure to restore them. 

To restore default roles

  1. On the Presentation Server system, access the following directory: installationDirectory/modules/pgsql/bin, and run pgAdmin3.exe.
  2.  From the pgAdmin III console, select File > Add Server.
  3. In the New Server Registration dialog box, enter the following properties and credentials, and click OK. You can skip any property that does not appear in this list.


    Fully-qualified host name of the Presentation Server that was provided during the TrueSight Presentation Server installation.

    (PostgreSQL) Port number

    5432 (Default) Open link

    Maintenance DBtruesight
    User name

    Credentials that were provided during the TrueSight Presentation Server installation.

  4. In the pgAdmin III console, right-click the name of the new server, and click Connect.
  5. Open the Query Tool SQL Editor by selecting Tools > Query tool from the menu bar.
  6. Specify the roles to restore:
    1. Download the OOB_Roles.sql file from this procedure in the online documentation.
    2. Open OOB_Roles in a text editor, and select the scripts that will restore the required roles.
      • To restore all roles, select and copy all rows from the file.
      • To restore selected roles, search for the role name, and select and copy those rows. 

        For example, to locate the Operator scripts, search for operator, as in the following example:

    3. Paste the copied scripts into the Query Tool SQL Editor.
  7. Select Query > Execute from the menu bar to execute the script. 
  8. Restart the Presentation Server system.

Where to go from here

To verify that the selected default roles were restored, access the Roles page.

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