Obtaining user groups for the authenticated user

The TrueSight Web Service (TSWS) groups API is meant for obtaining the user groups information for the logged in user identified by token information provided through the request. It uses the GET method to obtain the user groups and returns them in the JSON response.

TSWS APIs that use the GET method
API EndpointsDescription
devicesRetrieves a list of monitored devices
instances Retrieves a list of monitored instances 
monitortypesRetrieves a list of monitor types 
tenantsRetrieves a list of tenants 

Before you begin

You must have used the token API (POST) to obtain the authToken, which authenticates the user performing the operation. For details, see TSWS authentication.

Request syntax


Request parameters


User groups for the authenticated user.

Sample request with REST client

After accessing the REST client, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter the URL for the configuration data of monitor instances API. The generic format is:
    https://<Presentation Server host name>/tsws/api/v10.1/token/groups
  2. Add a new header row and select authToken as the header type.
  3. Enter the text authToken followed by the authToken generated through the token API (POST).
    The request body is blank.
  4. Click Send.

Sample JSON response and Troubleshooting user groups API

The response information follows the standard HTTP response status codes. The following table contains Sample JSON response and the associated troubleshooting tips:

Status codeDescriptionSample JSONTroubleshooting tips
  "responseTimeStamp": "2017-05-15T14:31:15",
  "statusCode": "200",
  "statusMsg": "OK",
Not applicable.
400Missing token
 "statusCode": "400",
 "statusMsg": "Token is missing"
Specify the authToken in the request header.
401Expired token
 "responseTimeStamp": "2017-05-15T14:41:40",
 "statusCode": "401",
 "statusMsg": "Invalid/Expired token"
Log in again using the token API (Post).
500Internal Server error
 "responseTimeStamp": "2017-05-15T14:41:40",
 "statusCode": "500",
 "statusMsg": "Internal server error"

Try after some time or contact the TrueSight Presentation Server administrator.

503Remedy SSO is not accessible
 "responseTimeStamp": "2017-05-15T14:41:40",
 "statusCode": "503",
 "statusMsg": " Remedy SSO server is not accessible"

Try after some time or contact the TrueSight Presentation Server administrator.

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  1. Chase Colvin

    When attempting to pull the groups for the authenticated user, I am getting a response with a status code of 200, but the response says "Internal error.", and that's it. Is there any guidance on troubleshooting this?

    Oct 17, 2019 10:54
    1. Shreya Gurukiran

      Hi Chase Colvin,

      I discussed this with the SME and found this to be an unusual case. To help us analyze more can you contact your presentation server administrator and please share the following details:

      1) Run the following command to enable the log:
      tssh logger debug on -n UserAccount
      For more information on the preceding command, see https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/TSPS113/Enabling+logging+of+the+Presentation+Server

      2) Current version of the RSSO server and the presentation server

      FYI Shuchi Bakshi



      May 06, 2020 02:15
      1. Shreya Gurukiran

        Hi Chase Colvin,

        As per the above suggestions from the SME, please provide the required information. Closing this comment for now.



        Jun 22, 2020 06:51