Consolidating data views with dashboards

Dashboards provide consolidated and customized views of your environment. The Dashboards page contains a list of your dashboards and a list of dashboards that were created and shared by other users on the system. Unless you specify otherwise, the Dashboards page is displayed when you log on to the TrueSight console. 

You can use one of the following methods to create new dashboards:

This topic provides the following information about dashboards:

Personal and shared dashboards

Although dashboards are private by default, you can share dashboards with other users. Anyone can view or copy a shared dashboard, but only you can edit or delete a dashboard that you created. 

Dashboards page activities

From the Dashboards page, you can perform the following activities:

1 Not available when viewing shared dashboards

1Tabs that enable you to access and view personal or shared dashboards. Each tab shows the number of dashboards in each list.

Action menu that enables you to perform the following actions:


Shows the shared status of your dashboards and enables you to change the status by clicking the icon.


Only those dashboards shared by others with you are listed under the Shard Dashboards tab   and not the dashboards shared by you with others.


Action menu that enables you to perform the following actions:

Dashboard viewing options

 After selecting a dashboard from My Dashboards or Shared Dashboards, you can view the entire dashboard, view a single dashlet in full-screen mode, or use a dashlet as an entry point for investigating the root cause of a problem.

Dashboard activities

When viewing a dashboard, you can perform the following actions:

2 Not available when viewing a shared dashboard

1Arrow that navigates to display the Dashboards page

Action menu that enables you to perform the following actions on the current dashboard:


Available for each dashlet, presents actions that you can perform on a single dashlet:

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