Consolidated list of TrueSight APIs

The TrueSight family of products offers the following REST APIs that enable you to extend and integrate TrueSight products into your environment. To view a list of all BMC APIs, see BMC APIs.

Component or productPurposeReferences

Real User Analyzer

  • Remotely configures various features of the Real User Analyzer component (versions 10.x and later)
  • Retrieves information about system entities, such as geographic performance-compliance levels (Geo PCLs) and incidents, by sending an URL with parameters as the input request
  • Exports or streams records from a staging area

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Collects report data about applications, servers, transactions, and application health

Using APIs to generate report data for App Visibility Manager

TrueSight Capacity Optimization
  • Remotely manages and controls the interactions with the backend components
  • Enables you to manage placement advice scenarios, create and use hypothetical candidates and targets, and manage scenarios and services on hardware infrastructures
  • Instantiates, retrieves, modifies, and deletes a Chargeback object
  • Works with different types of supported data
  • Executes a time forecast model
  • Searches entities and metrics with a method
  • Creates, retrieves, updates, and deletes reservations

Developing clients

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Performs functions in Infrastructure Management through web services


TrueSight Intelligence

Collects data to view in in the product

Note: TrueSight Intelligence is supported until version 11.3.02 only.

TrueSight Intelligence REST API

TrueSight IT Data Analytics

  • Collects data (view, create, modify, and delete hosts)
  • Searches data and obtains results synchronously and asynchronously


TrueSight Presentation Server

Integrates data from TrueSight Presentation Server with external applications

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor 
  • Retrieves historic or current execution data and metrics for one or more Execution Plans
  • Manages synthetic configurations: retrieves, updates, and deletes synthetic configuration data for your applications
    • Retrieving synthetic execution data and metrics
    • Managing synthetic configurations with APIs

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