Checking a component port availability from the Presentation Server

Supported with 11.3.02 and later

The tssh component portcheck command to check a component's port availability is supported only with TrueSight Presentation Server version 11.3.02 and later.

You can check the availability of a component's port by running the tssh component portcheck command in the Presentation Server. 


tssh component portcheck <host> <port> [timeout in milliseconds]
  • host: Specify a host name whose port availability you want to check.
  • port: Specify a port number to check availability. 
  • timeout: The timeout parameter is optional. If you want to set a timeout value, specify it in milliseconds. The default value of timeout is 5000 ms. You can change the default value by running the following command: 
    tssh properties set portcheck.remote.timeout.milliseconds 10000 reload


Example 1: Connection Success

tssh component portcheck 8080


Port 8080 on is reachable.

Connection status:- Success.

Example 2: Missing arguments

tssh component portcheck


[Usage : tssh component portcheck <host> <port> [timeout optional default 5000 ms]]

Example 3: Host not reachable

tssh component portcheck 80


Connection status:- Failed: host cannot be resolved.

Recommended action:- Check if the host is valid. Ensure that DNS is resolving host or the hosts file has an entry for the host

Example 4: Port out of range

tssh component portcheck 99999999


Connection status: Failed: Unable to establish a connection with the host on port 99999999, exception: port out of range:99999999

Example 5: Connection refused

tssh component portcheck 9999


Connection status:- Failed: Connection refused: connect while attempting to reach host on port 9999.

Recommended action:- Check if the port is open on host and there is no network delay in reaching the host

Example 6: Connection timeout

tssh component portcheck 80 50


Connection status: Failed: timeout while attempting to reach host on port 80 within timeout 50 ms.

Recommended action: Check if the port is open on host and there is no network delay in reaching the host

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