Backing up the Presentation Server database

To ensure the availability and integrity of your data, you must periodically back up the database files for the TrueSight Presentation Server. BMC recommends that you use a storage replication solution to back up the database and configuration files at regular intervals. 

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Backup frequency

The state of the recovery TrueSight Presentation Server depends on how recently you backed up your files. According to your organization's IT policies, you can decide whether to have daily, weekly, or monthly backups.

By default, the TrueSight Presentation Server automatically performs a database backup every 24 hours.

Manually creating a backup of the database


Ensure that the database service is running before you create a manual backup of the database.

Run the following command from the <Presentation Server installation directory>\truesightpserver\bin folder:

tssh database startbackup

A backup of the database is created in the <Presentation Server installation directory>\truesightpserver\data\dbbackup folder.

Changing the automatic database backup settings

The following table lists the default automatic database backup settings. To change a setting, run the appropriate command from the <Presentation Server installation directory>\truesightpserver\bin folder.

ParameterDefault settingCommand to change setting
Backup time

3.30 AM (TrueSight Presentation Server timezone)

tssh database change -h <hours> -m <minutes>

Example: tssh database change -h 22 -m 30

Backup frequencyEvery 24 hours

tssh database change -i <frequency interval>

Example: tssh database change -i 12

Number of backups retainedThe latest three backups

tssh database change -n <number of backups to retain>

Example: tssh database change -n 2

Restoring a backup of the database

Run the following command to restore the backup of the database:

  • (On Windows) : tssh database import %TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME%\data\dbbackup\db_<date_timestamp>\base.tar.gz

  • (On Linux) : tssh database import $TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME/truesightpserver/data/dbbackup/db_<date_timestamp>/base.tar.gz


In case TrueSight Presentation Server is configured with a high-availability (HA) setup, ensure that before running the database import command, the server running in standby mode is stopped.

Otherwise, while starting the server there is a chance of database snapshot from the secondary server overwriting the database on primary server.


  • On Linux computers, add & at the end of the tssh server start command so that the process runs in the background and you can continue to use the shell.
  • When you restore the database, some VM instances or devices are marked for deletion.

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