Overview of the TrueSight Operations licenses

TrueSight Operations learns and baselines the behavior of your applications and IT infrastructure; collects and processes events from a wide variety of sources; predicts problems before they occur; automatically pinpoints probable-cause across technology silos; and initiates standardized problem triage and resolution processes.  Enriched with IT Data Analytics, TrueSight Operations increases the analytics available to IT for faster problem resolution by adding correlation of machine data/log capabilities, improving root cause analysis and offering predictive capabilities to resolve similar problems. TrueSight Operations optimizes application performance by reducing the number of outages, speeding mean time to repair, and improving operational efficiency through out-of-the-box automation and integration. 

TrueSight Operations requires a base license and offers several license add-ons. The license add-ons work with the base license to provide functionality for various components.

The following table describes the functional capabilities provided by the base license and each of the license add-ons. The base license is required, and you can add none, one, or all of the license add-ons, depending upon your needs. Use the information in this table to determine which functional and technical components you are entitled to use based on the license add-ons you have purchased. Click the hyperlinks in the following table to access the topics that describe the base license and your required license add-ons. 

To download TrueSight Operations, go to the Electronic Product Download (EPD) web page,  http://webapps.bmc.com/epd.  For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Functional capabilities of base license and license add-ons



Base license that includes management infrastructure and console for data collection, analytics, and workflow; plus simple service models and reporting across all monitored data sources. This base license is required.

TrueSight Operations - Base License

Monitors application performance from the real users' perspective, identifies application transaction failure/latency issues down to the line of the code, plus IT data analytics

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Monitoring of and analytics for physical and virtual servers, plus IT data analytics

TrueSight Data Streams

Analytics for third-party servers, applications, databases, middleware, plus IT data analytics

TrueSight Third Party Events

Integration module between IBM ® z/OS ® events into TrueSight Operations

TrueSight Event Integrator for z/OS

Monitors the performance and reliability of worldwide applications through synthetic (also called robotic) transactionsTrueSight Operations - Micro Focus Silk Performer with Micro Focus Silk Performer
Monitors the performance and reliability of worldwide applications through synthetic (also called robotic) transactionsTrueSight Operations - TrueSight Synthetic Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Test

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