Viewing Infrastructure Management events on event browser

After installing the Infrastructure Management Integration package, configure the required BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to forward Infrastructure Management events as SNMP traps to the computer where the HP OpenView Integration package has been installed. To send SNMP Traps for events, create an event notification rule on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

All Infrastructure Management events forwarded to HP OpenView can be viewed under a separate event category called Infrastructure Management events in the Event Categories window of NNM.

Click Status corresponding to Infrastructure Management events to open the event browser for Infrastructure Management events.

Each event message is shown in the following format:

date trapSendingAgent trapMessage

The options are listed in the following table:

Event message options




Time when Infrastructure Management trap was received. Time of the computer where HP OpenView is installed.

Trap Sending Agent

Infrastructure Management Remote Agent that raised the event because of which the trap was generated.

Trap Message

Event received on ProactiveNetAgentHostname Description: ProactiveNetEventDescription event URL: URLToOpenProactiveNetEventDetailsPage

Viewing the event details page

To view event details page, perform the following steps,

  1. Select a Infrastructure Management event.

  2. Select Actions > Additional Actions.

  3. On the Additional Actions for Infrastructure Management Events screen, select Open ProactiveNet Event Page and click OK.

  4. Select the Selected events check box.

  5. Click OK to open the corresponding event details page.

If no browser instance is open currently, then a new browser instance is opened. In this case, the user is required to log on to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

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