Event sources

The TrueSight console displays events in the Events page. Events come from two sources:


In an integrated environment, events from App Visibility Manager are sent through an Infrastructure Managements Server or a remote cell. In an environment with only App Visibility Manager (that is, not integrated with Infrastructure Management), application metrics and problems are displayed through the Application View.

Infrastructure Management Servers

By default, the Events page displays events from the Infrastructure Management Servers that you have access to. You can perform actions and remote actions on these events, and apply all types of filters to better monitor and manage them.  

Remote cells

A remote cell or an event enrichment cell is a component of the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management product that pre-processes and propagates events to the Infrastructure Management Server cell. However, not all events are propagated to the Infrastructure Management Server cell. For example, a remote cell might manage all SNMP events or events from a Windows log adapter and not send those to the Infrastructure Management cell. In some scenarios, you might need to view these events for diagnosis and troubleshooting. In the Events page, you can select a remote cell as a source and view all its events and work on them.

Consider the following points when you are working with events from a remote cell:

  • Only the event classes and slots that are defined in the Infrastructure Management Server cells are available on the TrueSight console. To use the classes and slots from a remote cell, ensure that the Knowledge Base (KB) on the Infrastructure Management Server cells contains those classes and slots.
  • The following event management and monitoring features are not available:
    • Filtering of events by using event groups

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Monitoring and managing events from the TrueSight console

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