Configuring rate events to a user-configured cell

The processing cells process events, perform different operations on the events as per the defined rules and forward the required events to the cell which is generally the presentation cell. Rate events like ALARM, ABNORMALITIES are sent to the cell. You can configure the cell to send the Rate events to, instead of the default cell.

To configure rate events to a user-configured cell instead of the default cell

  1. Use the mcrtcell command to create a new cell. Consider this as a rate cell.
  2. Modify the pw\server\etc\<cell>\mcell.conf for this rate cell such that it contains:
  3. Copy the file mcell.propagate from the pw\server\etc directory to pw\server\etc\<cell> for the rate cell. Then edit the file specific to the rate cell, so it contains:
  4. Restart the rate cell.
  5. Modify the pw\server\etc\<cell>\kb\rules\refine_multiple_server_events.mrl for the cell (JServer) so that the following rule is completely commented out:

    refine initialize_ppm_ev:
    PPM_EV ($EV)
    if (listlen($EV.mc_history) != 0) then
    $EV.pn_object_id = 0;
    $EV.pn_object_class_id = 0;
    $EV.pn_parameter_id = 0;
    opadd($EV, "Initialized PPM_EV slots specific to CI association", "");

  6. Recompile the Knowledge Base for the Infrastructure Management (JServer) cell.

  7. Modify the pw\custom\conf\pronet.conf file so that the parameter pronet.rate.cell.cellName contains the name of the rate cell.

  8. Create a propagation policy or rule on the rate cell to propagate events to the Infrastructure Management (JServer) cell.

  9. Restart the Infrastructure Management server by using the pw system start command. 

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