Updating pricing catalogs of public cloud providers

The Cloud Catalogs page provides information about the latest updates that are available for the catalogs of the public cloud providers. You must update these catalogs whenever you are notified about the availability of new updates. After you update the catalogs, TrueSight Cloud Cost Control will use the most up-to-date pricing information for cost computation.

Before you begin

Ensure that the Application Server is connected to the Internet so that the catalogs can be downloaded from the FTP server.

To update the public cloud catalogs, complete these steps:

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, expand Administration > SYSTEM and select Maintenance.
  2. Click the Software Updates tab.
    The Cloud Catalogs page displays the installed and available versions of catalogs and the date when they were last updated.

  3. Click Update Available.

    The Update Available button is visible only when the installed and available versions of the catalogs are different. If both the versions match, the "Catalogs are up to date." message is displayed and no action is required.

  4. On the Update Public Cloud Catalogs page, click Continue.
    The existing catalogs are updated to the latest versions.


    If the BCO_WEB_WARN305 message is displayed, verify your network connection, and then download the software updates. For more information about this message and the steps to resolve it, search for BCO_WEB_WARN305 in the Error codes topic.

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