Post-installation tasks for TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

Where you are in the Installation process

Complete the following post-installation activities to make your TrueSight Cloud Cost Control product functional.

Authorize users to access TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Role-based access (RBAC) to the features and components comprised in TrueSight Capacity Optimization is enabled by persona-based authorization profiles. Each authorization profile is associated with one or more BMC Remedy Single Sign-On realms and comprises user groups, roles and permissions. Collectively, the authorization profile components determine the features that users can access. Entity-level access is managed by access groups in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console. For more information about configuring access control, see Authorizing users to access TrueSight Cloud Cost Control. Open link

Configure data collection

Configure the required ETL modules to import infrastructure data for your on-premises provider, and infrastructure, cost, and usage data for your public cloud providers. For more information, see  Collecting data. Open link

Where to go from here

Now that you have installed the TrueSight Cloud Cost Control product, see the Using section to learn about the product features.

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