Cost and usage data of AWS resources is not available

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Control pages do not display the cost and usage data of your AWS resources after you run the AWS Cost and Usage ETL.


To resolve this issue, complete the following tasks:

  • Verify the ETL configuration:
    • The specified report name and an optional report prefix are correct. Ensure that the specified values match the values that were used while scheduling the generation of the AWS cost and usage report.

    • The entity catalog of the ETL is shared with the AWS API ETL that collects the configuration and utilization metrics of AWS resources.

    For information about configuring the ETL, see Amazon Web Services - Cost and Usage Extractor.
  • Review the ETL log file for the following messages:

    2018-05-29 15:46:29 INFO Manifest file: /my-report-name/20180301-20180401/my-report-name-Manifest.json does not exist for the month: 20180301-20180401 in the S3 bucket: my-s3-bucked-nameIndicates that the cost and report data is not yet available for collection. The AWS generates the cost and usage report and updates the manifest.json file daily. The mainfest.json file contains references to the path of the generated cost report. It takes a day or two before the AWS cost and usage report is available for extraction. Therefore, if you run the ETL immediately after configuration, this message is expected. BMC recommends to wait for a day before running the ETL for the first time so that generated cost and usage report will be available for extraction.
    Also, when you run the ETL for the first time, the ETL recovers data for the past 6 months. For example, if AWS generated the report on 25 May and you run the ETL on 30 May, the ETL begins to import cost reports from the first of January. However, the log file displays this message because these reports are not available.
    HTTP 403Indicates that the ETL failed to connect to AWS. In such a case, verify that the AWS user that is used for the ETL has appropriate permissions for accessing the cost and usage report. 
  • Log in to the AWS console, and verify the following report settings:
    • The value for the Time unit field is set to Daily.
    • The resource IDs are set to be included. The AWS Cost and Usage ETL uses these resource IDs to associate costs with AWS resources. If resource IDs are not enabled, the AWS cost and usage ETL generates incorrect resource IDs that are based on bill line item ID.

    To verify that the resource IDs are enabled, do the following:
    1. Log in to the TrueSight console.
    2. Click Cloud Services > Amazon EC2.
    3. Click the Resources tab.
    4. Use the Show/Hide Columns filter and add the Resourceid column.
    5. Verify that the resource ID of the virtual machine instance starts with i-

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