Analyzing recommendations for purchasing AWS reserved instances

Use the Reserved Instance Recommendations page to get a quick view of the potential savings that you can achieve by purchasing AWS reserved instances. An out-of-the-box recommendation is provided for each suggested AWS reserved instance that includes details such as the instance type, region, number of instances, and so on. 

To access the Reserved Instance Recommendations page, in the navigation pane of the TrueSight console , select  Cloud Cost Control  and click  Cost Optimization > AWS Reserved Instances. On the page, click  <Number> New Reserved Instances to Purchase .  


The AWS Reserved Instances page is displayed only if you are using the AWS cloud provider.

From this page, you can achieve the following goals:

  • Determine the total number of AWS reserved instances that you must purchase to obtain cost savings.
  • Determine the estimated cost savings that you can achieve by purchasing new reserved instances.

For information about how the recommendation is generated, see AWS reserved instance recommendation.

To analyze recommendations for purchasing AWS reserved instances

  1. Access the Reserved Instance Recommendations page

    In the navigation pane of the TrueSight console , select Cloud Cost Control and click Cost Optimization > AWS Reserved Instances.
    On the page, click  <Number> New Reserved Instances to Purchase.  

    The Reserved Instance Recommendations page is displayed. The page contains a Summary section and a detailed table.

    The Summary section provides a quick overview of the number of reserved instances to be purchased and the estimated savings that you can achieve by purchasing them. The page also contains a table with records that are equal to the number of suggested reserved instances. By default, the information for the last 30 days is displayed.


  2. Analyze the reserved instance recommendations

    Review the Reserved Instance Recommendation table and analyze each recommendation. The column values provide information that you can use to perform the actual purchase of the reserved instances from the AWS portal/

    Efficiency icon

    Every recommendation has an Efficiency icon associated with it. The icon indicates the level of efficiency improvement. It is based on the estimated savings (in $) per month that you can achieve by implementing the recommended actions. One of the following icons is displayed:

    Icon - Efficiency level

     - high 

     - medium

     - low 

    The thresholds for calculating the efficiency level is defined in the associated optimizer rule.

    RecommendationA unique identifier per reserved instance suggestion. The identifier has the following format: ri:<Region>:<Instance type>:<Operating system>. For example: ri:us-west-2:m3.large:Windows
    Estimated Savings ($/month)Potential monthly savings by purchasing the suggested reserved instance. The sum of all the values under this column is displayed as the total estimated savings in the Summary section on the top of the page.
    Offering ClassType of reserved instance. Possible values are Standard and Convertible.
    Instance Type

    A specification that defines the resources (CPU, memory, and storage) for an instance. For example. m1.small, m1.large.

    Operating SystemOperating system or platform of the suggested reserved instance.
    RegionRegion in which the reserved instance must be purchased.
    Instance CountTotal number of instances to be reserved.


    You can quickly filter the table on a column value. For example, a specific account name. To do so:

    a. Move your mouse over the column value that you want to filter the table data on.

    b. If you see the Filter icon next to the value, click the value. Else, the column value cannot be used as a quick filter. The table displays the data based on the applied filter.

  3. Review the recommendation details

    For the reserved instance record that you want to view detailed recommendations for, click the corresponding Efficiency icon.
    The Recommendation window opens. You can review the details of the reserved instance to be purchased. The recommendation provides the number, specific attributes such as Offering class, Instance type, and so on; and the potential monthly and annualized savings that you can achieve by purchasing the reserved instances.
    The window also provides the name of the associated optimizer rule and the date when it was last run.

    Purchase reserved instances as per the suggested details to achieve the estimated savings. For instructions about purchasing reserved instances, see AWS documentation: Buying Reserved Instances Open link

You can save an offline copy of the page as a PDF or an Excel file for reference. To do so, click  and select Export to PDF or Export to Excel.


When you export to Excel, all the recommendation details are exported. You can use this Excel file as quick reference to purchase the reserved instances.

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