Viewing tagged objects

Tagged objects are displayed in an object-specific summary, with each object type associated with a tag displayed in its own section of the summary. If an object type is not associated with a tag, the object type section is not displayed.

Note that tagged objects are not supported in TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition). 

See a summary of the functionality differences between the full version of TrueSight Middleware Administrator and TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition).

Each section in the summary view of tags is collapsible and has the same view-able properties available in the All Queue Managers summary views.

In the following example, QA tag is associated with two object types, Local Queues and Model Queues, with each object type displayed with its own section. From these sections within the summary view it is possible to select from the individual Operations drop-down menu alongside each object to perform standard object modifications (see also Modifying objects).


You cannot create new objects or add an object to the selected tag from the tag summary view. 

To access the tag summary view

  1. From the Navigation Panel, click the Tags tab. 
  2. Click on the relevant tag in the list of tags. The summary view for the relevant tag is displayed, as shown in the above example.
  3. Modify the objects as required

    The one major difference between this tag summary view and other summary views is that you cannot tag an object, but you can remove the tag from an object; from the Operations drop-down menu for the relevant object, select Remove Tag Reference.


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