Tagging objects

Tagging in TrueSight Middleware Administrator is an organizational action and its purpose is to help any user work with managed objects more efficiently.

What is a tag? A tag is a logical grouping of objects created and stored for the user.

By creating a tag - a group of objects - you can more quickly access and administer these related objects. Specifically, you can navigate more quickly between related objects that are physically linked on the Navigation Panel.

Any tag you create 'joins' the Tags option and is visible when you select it from the Navigation Panel. See also Viewing tagged objects.

Note that tagging of objects is not supported in TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition).

See a summary of the functionality differences between the full version of TrueSight Middleware Administrator and TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition).


The ability to create tags is nearly universal throughout the User Console at the Summary View level.

Keep the following elements in mind when you set about to create a new tag:

  • Build tags in a customized way. Organize tags in a way that most closely reflects your work patterns and ways of thinking. Do not build them against a static reality.
  • Tags facilitate navigation for the reason that you can navigate easily between grouped objects.

Tags you create apply only to you and not to any other TrueSight Middleware Administrator user. Any set of tags that you create are customized and 'proprietary.' 

 To 'tag' a queue

  1. From the Operations drop-down menu adjacent to the queue you wish to tag, select Tag Queue.
  2. The tag definition box appears. It is a combo box that lets you either define a new tag (create) whose first member is the tagged object, or assign the object to an existing tag; both options are described in the following steps.
  3. If the targeted queue is the tag's first member of the tag, you create the tag:
    1. Type in an appropriate name to describe the new tag.
    2. Create the tag by clicking Tag.
    3. Confirm the creation by checking the Status Panel beneath the workspace. A second way to confirm the tag's creation is to select the Navigation Panel Tags option. All existing tags appear.
  4. To add an object to an existing tag:
    1. In the tag definition box, select the pull-down and the target tag for this queue.
    2. Click Tag to confirm addition to the specified tag (done in the previous step).
    3. Follow the instructions in 3c above to confirm the object's inclusion in the tag.


These are the specific operations that can be performed on queues. Any given Summary View has its own unique combination of operations adjacent to each object in the view list.
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