The Queue Statistics object

Queue Statistics presents a range of useful messaging statistics for current queues status. 

Note that the Queue Statistics object is not supported in TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition). 

See a summary of the functionality differences between the full version of TrueSight Middleware Administrator and TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition).

Select Queue Statistics from the Navigation Panel to display this view:



Statistics for all active queues are shown when you select Queue Statistics. You can scroll the list to view statistics for any managed queue.

Queue Statistics operations relating to the underlying queue are: Delete, Permissions, Audit, View Messages, Clear Queue.


Click on the queue name to display the local queue Properties Editor and not a queue statistics Properties Editor. This is also relevant for the Queue Status object. 

When viewing the Queue Statistics for a WebSphere MQ queue, statistics are collected via the "Reset Queue Statistics" command. This command, however, resets those statistics to zero so they are no longer available to other (monitoring) applications, such as TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor. In order to prevent this, configuration settings can be modified; see How to prevent TrueSight Middleware Administrator from resetting WebSphere MQ queue statistics.

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