Managing files remotely

This view lets you remotely access a number of directories and files located on the queue manager computer, including log files.


This option is only displayed if the Remote File Access feature is enabled for the project by the Product Administrator. In addition, the set of directories and files accessible depends on the resources the Product Administrator has configured for the connection.

When you select Files from the Navigation Panel, the list of files and directories or available file system resources by their (administrator defined) symbolic name is displayed. To view the contents of a file or directory click on the resource name.

For example, when clicking on the Queue Manager Log Directory, a list of the log files in that directory is displayed. 

From the Operations menu to the left of the log file, select Download File to download the file. Alternatively, you can view the file's contents in the workspace by clicking on the file name. By default, the file is automatically displayed in text format in blocks of 256KB, but can be displayed in Binary or XML formats if required, by clicking on the relevant tab.


If the file selected is larger than the default size of 256KB, it is split into pages which can be browsed via page buttons in the top right corner. The default block size of 256KB can be modified to a lower size by selecting the size from the Current Block Size dropdown list.
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