Managing all queue manager connections

It is possible to see all the Queue Manager connections currently associated with projects.

Note that when clicking on All Queue Manager Connections in the Navigation Panel, all the options displayed when you click on an individual connection are also displayed, but the summary view for each object type contains all objects of that type for all connections in the project (assuming it matches the filter provided).

Note that the All Queue Manager Connections option is not supported in TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition). 

See a summary of the functionality differences between the full version of TrueSight Middleware Administrator and TrueSight Middleware Administrator (Monitor Edition).

To see all queue manager connections:

  1. In the Navigation Panel, click the Projects tab.
  2. In the displayed list of projects, click the All Queue Manager Connections option (the arrow to the right).
  3. Click Dashboard to view a list of all the Queue Manager connections for the project, as shown in the following image.

The contents displayed in the Dashboard are refreshed according to the default setting of 300 seconds and so may not reflect the status of the current second or even minute. The refresh timer can be configured to run according to your requirements by clicking the arrow icon and selecting 5, 10 or 30 minutes.


When looking at any of the object types in the Navigation Panel (under All Queue Manager Connections), enter a value in the Filter box and click Go to display the relevant objects that match the filter criteria. Alternatively, click Go to display all queue manager objects.

Note that the filter expression entered for each object type will be retained for the duration of the user session. For example, if you enter 'SYSTEM*' to filter All Queue Manager Connections > Local Queues summary, that value will be populated in the filter field the next time you access the same summary type. However, this is only applicable when there is no selected layout defined for the summary type.

Once you have defined and selected a layout for a specific object type, the filter field is no longer displayed. Instead, any filter defined in the selected layout is used and the summary immediately displayed.

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