This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Service Request Management.

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Creating process definition templates

A process definition template (PDT) is an intermediate object that defines a fulfillment process by relating Application Object Templates (AOTs) to a Service Request Definition (SRD). Use the Process View of the Service Catalog Manager console to create and manage PDTs.

Before you can create an SRD, you must create a PDT that specifies the process to fulfill the service represented in the SRD. To create a PDT, you must have Request Catalog Manager permissions.

You can create two types of PDTs:

  • Standard PDT — Defines the process used to fulfill a specific service request. For example, creating an incident request and a series of change requests for a hard drive upgrade request.
  • Quick Launch PDT — Launches a specified URL in another window. For example, opens a corporate web site where employees can review and update benefits information.

Before you begin

See the following points before you create or modify a PDT:

  • Always design a process from top to bottom.
  • Connect all branches of a condition before joining the condition to another flow.
  • Join the parallel branches by connecting the parallel branches to a common object or AOT.
  • For nested conditions, first complete the inner condition and then proceed to complete the parent condition.
  • For a condition, if you want to define an action only on one branch of the condition; for example, Yes branch, you must connect the No branch to the next level in the hierarchy along with the Yes branch. Do not skip hierarchy and connect the No branch directly to the Stop node. For more information, see Troubleshooting the creation of AOTs, PDTs, and SRDs.
  • If you want to modify a process and add a new object, first remove all links of the object to which you plan to connect the new object. Then create all the links as per the modified process flow.
  • If you want to delete an object, first delete all the links to and from that object. Create the alternate links without the object and then delete the object.

To create PDTs

To create PDTs, perform the steps shown in the following table:





Verify that the application template (optional) and AOT are configured.

Creating application templates and application object templates


Open the Service Catalog Manager Console and change the Console Focus to Process.

Service Catalog Manager console


Create a new PDT of one of these types:

  • Standard PDT
  • Quick Launch PDT

You cannot combine PDT and SRD types. For example, you must use a standard PDT with a standard SRD.


(Optional) Localize the PDT.

Localizing AOTs, PDTs, and AIFs


Add the PDT to the SRD.

Adding a PDT to an SRD

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