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Configuring work order assignments

Work order assignments are based on the organization, location, service, and product categorization. Work order assignments are also associated with the application in which they are used. A work order assignment can be broadly or narrowly defined, and can apply to different systems.

To configure automatic assignment routing, when you configure the application, you must first determine the Support Groups to which the work orders are assigned, based on criteria such as the work order's categorization. For example, all work orders that are categorized as hardware issues might be assigned to the Support-Hardware group. All work orders that are categorized as software upgrades and originate from California might be assigned to Example Software in San Jose. The configurations of the work order together with the application administrator's configuration determines how a work order is assigned.

You can also define a sort order for each assignment routing, to determine the order in which routings are evaluated against the work order's criteria. For example, you might set a higher sort order for an assignment routing with the most restrictive criteria, and a lower sort order for an assignment routing with more general criteria. This ensures that work orders are evaluated against the more precise assignment routing rules first.


User with either the Work Order Assignee or Work Order Manager functional role can be assigned to work orders, which allows flexibility in how the roles are used. In large companies, the Work Order Manager might plan and oversee the work order process, while Work Order Assignees are assigned to work orders and complete work order tasks. In smaller companies, the Work Order Manager might perform both manager and assignee functions—overseeing the work order process while also being assigned to particular work orders.

To automatically assign work orders, you configure automatic assignment events and automatic assignment rules, as described in the following topics:

To manually assign a work order, if you have the Work Order Assignee or Work Order Manager functional role, you can open the work order and change the assignment. The Work Order Assignee is then notified of work order assignments based on notification method preferences. Assigned work orders can also be listed in the Work Orders table in the Work Order Console. By default, the table shows all open work orders assigned to you. For more information about manually assigning work orders, see Assigning and reassigning work orders.

You can also set assignments in work order templates. For more information, see Configuring the Work Order form and templates.

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